As the downward spiral of bad acts by the federal government against Trump continue…Spies got scammed?

This is crazy times. I was not a big fan of Trump at first and he still drives me nuts. But he is an AMERICAN citizen who was legally elected by us to the Presidency. The fact that the Obama government willingly used its agencies to attack the opposition party and Americans in general. We know that, you know that, CNN knows that but denies it.

Yet with Trump, Obama and Hillary used our intelligence agencies to illegally spy on him and his campaign, create and disseminate false stories and leak all of that to the press as a way to cripple him so that she could win.  The “why’s” are many. Obama wanted his legacy to continue. The permanent bureaucracy didn’t want Trump to cut them down to size. The people directly involved wanted to be “rewarded” by a grateful Hillary by receiving cash and promotions.  And of course Hillary felt it was her right.  (And that my friends is why we dodged a huge bullet when she lost.  She’s dictator crazy.)

None of what has been written above is a lie. The corruption is that deep and wide.

Now we find out our spies were sent, with a 100k to trade for  information about Trump, to Europe and were ripped off.  Of course they are spinning it like they had no choice. THEY SAY (and I capitalize that because who knows who is telling the truth) the Russian also offered info on the Russian hacking tools, but we can assume now, after seeing the IRS/NSA/FBI/DOJ/ATF weaponized by Obama, that the spies were also sent there primarily to get dirt on Trump.  Hillary is a cancer and she kills anything that get near her.

US intelligence paid $100,000 to a shady Russian operative who pocketed the dough and took off without coming through with a promised goldmine of espionage assets – including alleged dirt on President Trump, according to a sensational report on Friday.

The Russian last year got 10 percent of a $1 million deal that was supposed to include stolen National Security Agency tools used for hacking and purported images of Trump consorting with hookers in Moscow, US and European intelligence sourcestold the New York Times.

But the Russian never came through with any spy-world nuggets.

The alleged compromising images of Trump from 2013 turned out to be a 15-second video clip of a man in a hotel room speaking to two women, sources told the paper. The video had no sound or any evidence the man in footage was Trump.

With 20/20 hindsight, US intelligence was driven by desperation to recover the hacking tools which have been used to wreak havoc on millions of computers across the world, one veteran spy said.

“That’s one of the bedeviling things about counterintelligence and the wilderness that it is – nobody wants to be caught in a position of saying we wrote that off and then five years later, saying, `Holy cow, it was actually a real guy,’ ” said Steven Hall, the former chief of Russian operations for the CIA.

And looking back, it should have been obvious that the Russian never had any ties to sensitive information.

He’d been busted for money laundering and his only business ties were to a nearly bankrupt company that sold grills to streetside sausage peddlers, according to British incorporation papers cited by the Times.

The lengths US intelligence went to cultivate the ultimately bad source were both laughable and straight out of paperback spy novels.

The US worked through an American businessman in Germany, to maintain deniability, and set up meetings in five-star Berlin hotels and tracked the Russian’s travels throughout Europe – including visits to his mistress in Vienna.

And even with those high-end tactics, the NSA also communicated with the Russian through its official Twitter account.

At some point the dam will break, CNN will be drowning in the deluge of truth and they will still refuse to admit they are all wet. Same with the rest of these leftist outlets.

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But Trump just hit 50% despite the constant and overwhelming lies.  When the truth gets out on this, he will be at 70% and some very bad people are going to be in jail. As Victor Davis Hanson puts it, this is far worse than Watergate.

How does FISA-gate compare to Watergate and Iran-Contra?

Once again, an administration is being accused of politicizing government agencies to further agendas, this time apparently to gain an advantage for Hillary Clinton in the run-up to an election.

There is also the same sort of government resistance to releasing documents under the pretext of “national security.”

There is a similar pattern of slandering congressional investigators and whistleblowers as disloyal and even treasonous.

There is the rationale that just as the Watergate break-in was a two-bit affair, Carter Page was a nobody.

But there is one huge (and ironic) difference. In the current FISA-gate scandal, most of the media and liberal civil libertarians are now opposing the disclosure of public documents. They are siding with those in the government who disingenuously sought surveillance to facilitate the efforts of a political campaign.

This time around, the press is not after a hated Nixon administration. Civil libertarians are not demanding accountability from a conservative Reagan team. Instead, the roles are reversed.

Barack Obama was a progressive constitutional lawyer who expressed distrust of the secretive “Deep State.” Yet his administration weaponized the IRS and surveilled Associated Press communications and a Fox News journalist for reporting unfavorable news based on supposed leaks.

Mr. Obama did not fit the past stereotypes of right-wing authoritarians subverting the Department of Justice and its agencies. Perhaps that is why there was little pushback against his administration’s efforts to assist the campaign of his likely replacement, fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Progressives are not supposed to destroy requested emails, “acid wash” hard drives, spread unverified and paid-for opposition research among government agencies, or use the DOJ and FBI to obtain warrants to snoop on the communications of American citizens.

FISA-gate may become a more worrisome scandal than either Watergate or Iran-Contra. Why? Because our defense against government wrongdoing — the press — is defending such actions, not uncovering them. Liberal and progressive voices are excusing, not airing, the excesses of the DOJ and FBI.

Apparently, weaponizing government agencies to stop a detested Donald Trump by any means necessary is not really considered a crime.

Amazing we got here so fast. But as the Soviets said, they would destroy us without firing a shot, by destroying us from within.

Thanks Barack and Hillary and the rest of you progressives. You are doing the dirty work.


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