The timeline of bad act by the “small group” in DC.

Doug Ross has been keeping tabs on the scandal.  With help of his readers he has a pretty complete timeline of what happened, when and involving whom.

You can tell how one event seemed to create or impact another.  You can also see the democrats are full of shit when they are pushing the line it is all legitimate, as they did in their response memo in the House.

I think Trump should simply release the entire FISA application and supporting documents, along with the emails and texts.  I would LOVE to know who wrote the application (my money is on Strzok with the help of Page or one of his minions with his direction).

Over at Treehouse, Sundance lays out the players and the plot as he see it.  I used to fight the conspiracy gang by saying nobody would risk doing such things.  It would be stupid.

I was wrong.  They did it, and they cannot get away with it. Or you’ll see it happen again and again.  Here is a piece of it, read the whole thing. Now Sundance may be off on some assumptions and it may be worse than even he thinks, but Sundance is close.


Here’s the basic overview of how all those threads come together to paint a picture.

The FBI group was participating in a plan to exonerate Hillary Clinton. That same FBI group was simultaneously conducting opposition research on candidate Donald Trump and the larger construct of his campaign team. Those FBI officials were allied by entities outside official government structures. The ‘outside group’ were “contractors”. It is likely one of the contractors was Fusion-GPS or entities in contact with Fusion-GPS. {Go Deep}

The contractors were using FBI intelligence databases to conduct opposition research “searches” on Trump campaign officials. This is where the use of FISA-702(16)(17) “To/From” and “About” queries comes in. {Go Deep}  This FISA abuse was the allowed but unofficial process identified in early 2016 by NSA internal auditors.

This is where NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers steps in on April 18th, 2016, and stops the FBI contractors from having any further access. {Go Deep}

Chris Steele would be the laundry for the intelligence information pulled from the U.S. system. Unauthorized FISA-702(16)(17) results were passed on to Christopher Steele, likely by Nellie Ohr. Steele would then wash the intelligence product, repackage it into what became known as his “Dossier”, and pass it back to the FBI ‘small group’ as evidence for use in their counterintelligence operation which began in July 2016 [ intentionally without congressional oversight {Go Deep}].

Evidence of this laundry process is found in a significant “search query” result that was actually a mistake. The faulty intelligence mistake was the travel history of Michael Cohen, a long-time Trump lawyer. The FISA search turned up a Michael Cohen traveling to Prague. It was the wrong Michael Cohen. However, that mistaken result was passed on to Chris Steele and it made its way into the dossier. Absent of a FISA search, there’s no other way Christopher Steele could identify a random “Michael Cohen” traveling to Prague.

The Cohen mistake created a trail from Chris Steele to the FISA database.  {Go Deep}

All of the unauthorized FISA-702 search queries, “To From”(16) and/or “About”(17), of the NSA/FBI database were returning results. Those results were “raw intelligence”.

That raw intelligence needed “unmasking”, that’s where the Department of State (DoS) comes in. The U.N. Ambassador is part of the DoS. Samantha Power stated she wasn’t doing the daily “unmasking” identified by the House Intelligence Committee investigation {Go Deep}. Someone, or a group of people, within the State Department, were doing unmasking requests – presumably using Ms. Power’s authority.

All lot of concentrated power doing bad things…

Between the FBI screwing up cases like Parkland and the obvious corruption through politics in the upper level management, the FBI is hurting.  But the fault lies with the FBI agents who were more interested in a paycheck then holding others accountable.

Hopefully Trump forces the good ones to throw out the bad ones. If not, nobody will want to see the FBI anywhere near their cases.  “We’re from the FBI.” should be a good thing, not a sign of impending doom.




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