Broward County in cartoons.

The Left is taking it’s best shot at the NRA and guns.  Trump’s no help because as the TRUTH of what happened comes out- proving once again that trusting the government will get you killed- he stepped into it big time by sitting down with Diane Feinstein.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office captain who initially took charge of the chaotic scene at a Parkland high school where 17 people were killed told deputies to form a perimeter around the deadly scene — which they did instead of going in to confront the shooter, according to a partial BSO dispatch log obtained by the Miami Herald.

Capt. Jan Jordan, commander of BSO’s Parkland district, gave the order, the log shows, identifying her by her police call sign.

Why she did it may depend on what she was told.  Did the SRO tell her the gunfire was outside? If he did why? Did dispatch tell her that the police were on scene and going in? Or did a person, who was not on scene, not trust her people to make an on scene decision?

My buddy reminded me that we suffered under some pretty unremarkable supervisors and any one of them would have made such a bad decision.

But the Democrat bill was introduced into Congress. It outlaws about every modern weapon out there!  Two hundred and five weapons and counting including the Marlin 22 and the Ruger  10/22. These two are the type of guns kids get to learn how to shoot safely, target practice and hunt small game like squirrels and rabbits.  Yet, these are now “bad guns” according to the Democrats.

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Here’s the thing.  As Jake Tapper’s face showed when he was interviewing Sheriff Israel and suddenly realized the guy was a narcissistic nutjob (nice research CNN staff!). Tapper looked like a drunk at a race track who just sobered up enough to realize he bet it all on a glue factory bound nag!

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Tapper doing the slow “WTF?!! look.

THIS is not the case the gun grabbers should hang their hat on.  In fact, IF Trump had stayed silent, then by now the story would be firmly directed toward what the real problem was- that government basically sucks.   Not all the time, just when you need it to do something outstanding.

Each day Americans wake up to hear new revelations of government incompetence that enabled the Parkland, Florida school shooting. First it was the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s failure to follow existing protocols to investigate a highly detailed tip that the shooter was planning and had the means to do exactly what he did. The FBI and local police received at least four separate tips warning of the shooters’ plans and means, and local police had received 45 calls summoning them to the family’s home since 2008.

Then we learned of the police officer — the only person initially onsite able to return the shooter’s deadly force and tasked by his salary-paying community with doing precisely that — hesitated for approximately four minutes to enter the high school as students lay dying. Then local sources told reporters three other Broward County police officers joined that onsite officer in hiding behind their vehicles until police from another jurisdiction showed up. Reports say the Broward County police didn’t even follow the others inside.

Then it was that police didn’t know they were watching the wrong security tape, putting them off the shooter’s whereabouts by 20 minutes, leaving a mass murderer to endanger more people longer. To add insult to literal injury, the hesitating onsite school police officer, Scot Peterson, was allowed to resign and will receive a lifetime public pension of approximately $60,000 a year plus benefits.

This kind of government employee incompetence with horrific consequences is by no means limited to the Parkland killings. Instead, it is endemic to U.S. government at all levels, with consequences big and small. For example, my colleague Rachel Stoltzfoos reports that government incompetence failed to prevent a slew of recent high-profile mass killings:

Law enforcement protocols already in place also might have stopped the Texas church shooting in 2017, and the Charleston church shooting in 2015. The gunman who carried out the Texas massacre had a history of domestic violence that should have prevented him from legally buying a gun. But the Air Force conceded after the shooting it had failed to enter his name into the federal database that would have prevented his gun purchase.

Similarly, paperwork and communication fumbles between the FBI and local law enforcement resulted in a background check error that allowed Dylann Roof to buy a gun in South Carolina, which he later used to massacre congregants at a Charleston church.

If government agencies can’t follow existing violence-prevention laws and procedures, how can they be trusted to effectively implement additional rules that wild-eyed partisans insist will “do something” to prevent mass murder?

This point contains two related threads: U.S. government forces citizens to support a layer of incompetent fat that impedes our best interests; and government failures force us into a burdened mode of self-government. We have to both pay for government tonot perform basic functions like protect citizens from criminals and carry out justice, and accomplish those same ends ourselves if we want them done at all.

As Charles Murray says, government has become an “insurable hazard,” but only to the small proportion of Americans with the requisite money or connections to secure such insurance. The rest of us are sitting ducks. And we know it.

I had a nice but pointed discussion with a smart friend who thinks raising the age to own a rifle like the AR to twenty-one is a good idea.  Of course I disagree, UNLESS we raise the voting age to twenty-one (frankly in general a far more powerful and dangerous constituitonal right in my opinion) and tell selective service to raise the age of warfighting from 17 to 21.  The man said that was silly because his point is kids at 18 have no idea what they are doing, what they are thinking, are working through serious emotional issues and should be “protected” from getting guns if they want to act out.  I say, if they are that screwed up we certainly do not want them to vote! Or fight in a war!

Then he said, “Well we have to do something!”   I ask why?  He seemed confused over the question.  I repeated myself.  “Why do we have to do something?”  He answered because kids are getting killed!  I said, “Kids get killed every day in car accidents, here give me your keys.”  “What?”  “IF the goal is to protect kids from death, and the chances of them getting killed in an accident are astronomically higher than being shot at school, then the logical solution is to take your keys so you can’t drive your two daughters anywhere.  They can walk.”

The man said that was different. But what I  was trying to get him to understand in life there are trade-offs.  If you want freedom, you have to accept there is risk.  Bad things happen to good people in a free society. If you want to be totally safe and think government seizing guns is the answer- you are wrong. Because WORSE things happen to good people in a tyranny. (Ask Venezuelans!)  There is no trade-off that guarantees total safety, it does not, nor should not, exist.

The government cannot keep you safe.  If you want more security the government says you have to give something up.  In this case the Left thinks guns are that something, or your privacy, or your ability to speak freely.   Whereas, other more intelligent people without the ultimate goal of tyranny, think the trade-off may be spending money on hardening schools.  Courthouses where judges and lawyers and politicians operate are hardened, but their children’s schools are not.  Think about that.  Just how greedy and simplistic do you have to be not to figure out what the right thing to do is in this situation!

Schools should have been designed to be secure decades ago as the schools were built. Listen, you cannot stop an attack by a dedicated person who is willing to die.  But you can deflect most other attacks with some common sense steps.  That argument is for another day.

Today the point is this.  These cartoons should reflect the nature of THIS argument. And Broward, and their nutjob Sheriff, earned every one.

In the end Ben Franklin warned us-

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”



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