Why is a former head of the CIA going crazy? Or maybe showing his true colors.

Brennan scares me, not him personally, but what he represents. He is the reason people distrust the American government.  For all the good guys out there, this guy rises to the top, even with all the baggage of lying and misleading and questionable history. It has to make you think what deals he cut, what lies he told, what bad deeds he did for his bosses as a way to get to the top.

You can smell bad coming off of him like death.  And yet, many on the Left seem to think he’s somebody of value.

Every time he opens his mouth you can sense evil.  Every generation deals with these guys, usually we are smart enough to prevent them from reaching the top.

Considering that the FBI OPR Chief, Candace Will, is a long-time associate of Robert Mueller and was appointed to head OPR by Mueller in 2004, the idea that this was calculated to hurt Mueller’s investigation is silly.

McCabe is being fired for lying to Department of Justice IG investigators. Period. He is not going to jail, which he would if he were you or me.

With that as a backdrop, when President Trump got the news, being, well President Trump, he did the obligatory Electric Slide across the grave of McCabe’s career via Twitter:

Former CIA Director, known leaker, and plank-holding member of the #Resistance came unglued. No, he actually lost his sh**

At some point I expected to hear him belting out a take on “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” But in a much more nasal voice at least an octave higher.

When all is said and done in this sordid affair, Donald Trump will still be the 45th President of the United States and his performance will be measured in what he accomplished and what he tried to accomplish. Because we all know the Russia collusion hoax is just that.

Brennan will be used as the case study for what happens when a partisan hack harnesses the power of the intelligence community in an effort to subvert our Constitutional processes and overturn an election. I think between the two, I like the odds of Trump’s legacy much better than Brennan’s.

Then we have Samantha Power, who is also creepy in that elitist manner of “I know better but manage to screw up everything with my stupid ideas” way.  Remember, she gave us Libya, a mess we won’t unscrew for two decades or more.

Brennan certainly has the bluster when he needs it, but just in case his tweet about America “triumphing over” the president it elected didn’t sound threatening enough, Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations unmasked herself to give a warning to Trump:

Why exactly is that, pray tell? Any personal anecdotes to share, or are those being saved for yet another tell-all book?

Why’s that? Does John Brennan possess some extra-citizen special treatment? Or is he just a partisan appointed hack spouting off hackery (like you)? https://twitter.com/SamanthaJPower/status/975016643670757376 

So Samantha Power is basically acknowledging the existence of Deep State weaponizing of the intelligence community to retaliate for political or personal reasons… Sad!😝https://twitter.com/SamanthaJPower/status/975016643670757376 

Here’s the question you have to ask yourself; “Are there people inside the CIA still on Brennan’s payroll?” or “Is he capable of pulling strings inside the deep state in order to destroy a sitting President he doesn’t like?” “Is he buds with Mueller and knows the big plan?”

Think about how the election of Trump, who I did not support in the primaries because of his flailing style of communication, has revealed the actual existence of a deep state. And more than once, I have had to apologize to my conspiracy friends who insisted I was being blind and naive.

I was, but I am not anymore. And comments made by Brennan and Power remind me never to be blind again.

Image result for Picture of Samantha Power and Brennan

A liar, a commie plant, an elitist failure. All Obama people, which says so much.

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