Then and now. How the Left mimics Mao with YOUR kids.

Let me make it simple. The Left’s long march is coming to a head. If our national leaders submit to the false pressure put upon them by the Left’s newest effort our nation will be in danger.  Even if they hold off this onslaught, the “soldiers” of the Left will change voting dynamics in certain locations and maybe we will see a swing to democrats in the fall.

Regardless, the REAL danger isn’t just today’s protests, but the ruining of the minds of our youth.  Many kids have avoided the effort, but far too many have submitted to the evil teachings of the Progressive movement.

The other real problem here is that our older generation, who were actually taught history, failed to strangle this movement’s in the beginning. As it has been put many times, our First amendment has been used against the nation as a way to allow bad thoughts and ideas to survive and infect the populace.  We are a big nation, and the people think we can survive blow after blow after blow.

We cannot.  Just as China could not, Russia could not, Germany could not.   In Russia and Germany the revolutionaries destroyed the status quo and the communists took over in Russia and eventually the Nazis took over Germany.  In China, it was the communist Mao who completely dominated China.   In that effort ALL of them targeted the youth and sold to the youth the lie they were critical to the success of that nation.  Let’s just go to the photos to illustrate the comparative moments in history.

Here is Mao’s Red Guard- mostly young students.

Image result for Mao red guard pics

These “kids” murdered people, imprisoned people, beat people, ruined people- for the “revolution.”

Image result for Hitler youth

These kids were indoctrinated from youth to become Hitler’s soldiers.

Image result for Communist youth in USSR

Communist  youth in the USSR

Related image

Misguided, mal-educated, American youth. If they knew history, they would stop this.

Image result for david hogg

All this guy needs is a red book, an arm band or a brown shirt. Every generation deals with the same self deluded  crazies.


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