As the twisted coil of thread unravels in the spying on Trump scandal we see the White House.

Of course they did. The Obama hold overs are trying to hide the involvement by redacting the texts of documents.  This is bad guys, really, really bad.   No one believes the government anymore.  Which is one BIG reason the jury acquitted the wife of the Pulse nightclub terrorist, Omar Mateen.   The jury actually mentioned in their press release how they recognized the inconsistencies in the FBI notes, saying they wished the FBI had taped the interview (they don’t but should).

In addition, the jury AND AMERICA found out the terrorist’s father was a FBI informant…for a DECADE!  Which explains how the Obama FBI did not follow up on the complaint made by Omar’s co-workers that he was a terrorist in the making. If you want to follow the logic of aiding and abetting- look at the FBI to be guilty in the deaths of those poor souls!  The jury got that.

It is all corrupt and the jury applied that suspicion of corruption to the wife’s case. Oh she knew, but so did the dad. They were thinking if he skates, she skates.  No federal investigation ever took place into why Mateen was not targeted, and we now know why.

Look for more federal cases, which look easy, take dumps when the jury gets it.  THIS is the downside to being corrupt and abusive with the power the people give you.

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