Lisa Page sends McCabe flying under the bus that was meant for her. Smart girl.

There is a saying about criminals- they have no loyalty or honor.  Even if those criminals are federal DOJ/FBI employees the saying still applies. At this point, it’s everyone for themselves as the Trump destroyer is cutting their little boat in half.

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The FBI/DOJ cabal ship is going down. The smart rats are jumping. Rosenstein has to jump too. Eventually.

Lisa Page realized, as did Peter Strzok, that they were the expendable ones in the drive by McCabe for the coveted Director of the FBI position-which he was going to get if HRC won.

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Part of the small group. One on the left lost out on musical chairs.


Instead, McCabe was confronted with the least of his crimes-leaking favorable information to the media to control the narrative- and he lied about it.  The first two times it appears the IG didn’t have all the testimony or documents. The next two times McCabe lied, the IG had the documents and had the testimony of Lisa Page– and McCabe STILL tried to lie his way out of it!!

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired last month for committing three violations of the bureau’s ethics code, an investigative source told Fox News on Thursday.

The violations initially were uncovered by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General and confirmed by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility. They included lack of candor under oath, lack of candor when not under oath, and the improper disclosure of non-public information to the media about the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

The violations stemmed from McCabe’s response to an October 2016 Wall Street Journal report about sizeable campaign donations from Democrats to McCabe’s wife, Jill, during her campaign for the Virginia State Senate. The investigation found that McCabe instructed FBI lawyer Lisa Page and FBI public affairs chief Michael Kortan to work with the Journal’s reporter to set the record straight.

The source said Page’s statements to investigators were “critical” because they directly contradicted her boss, McCabe.

According to the source, McCabe’s lack of candor about the contact with the Journal reporter led to his firing. The source added that Page’s testimony about the matter contradicted McCabe’s. Then-FBI Director James Comey claimed he never authorized the leak to the Journal.

The fact that the text messages came out is just the tip of the iceberg on the documents I’m sure the IG possesses now.  The feds record everything.  Plus the “small group” of conspirators believed HRC was going to win and none of this would come out, so why be careful right?

As for Comey throwing McCabe under the bus…well shit rolls downhill.  Comey thinks he’s a demi-god of righteousness.  Unless McCabe kept notes on his dealings with Comey, then it’s a pansy said, pansy said moment.

On a side note, my buddy – who worked with the FBI for awhile – talked to me the other day and said, “I finally remembered where I heard McCabe’s name before. It was bugging me.  Then I remember he was the idiot in charge of the division I was working with and had implemented so many bad policies that the poor guys in the field were worried they couldn’t do anything without it going south. It was frustrating.”  So maybe McCabe wasn’t all that as he rose in the ranks without really being a good street cop or a street agent.  Just because you wear a badge doesn’t mean you are good at what you do.

Or honest, apparently.

An update of sorts.  It appears his “go fund me page” was created by a PR person and former Obama employee.  Since McCabe is worth millions and his wife is a doctor, one wonders why he needs the money. So this effort may be just another way to “pay forward” another bribe.  An interested party should get the list of “donors” to his defense fund.  I’m thinking they are simple LLC corps like; “Don’t talk LLC”, “Remember what happened to Barry in Mena LLC”, “Clinton says shut up LLC” and my favorite “Fredo takes a boat ride LLC”




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