Twitter CEO reminds us they just don’t get the rest of America. And the fact he’s surrounded.

I saw this story in a couple of places. It just reminds me of the book and movie series “The Hunger Games.”  It is a great way to teach young teens about the threats of tyrants and authoritarianism. I cannot remember how many good conversations I had with my daughter and son when they finished the first book.  They asked why a government and an elite group would treat the lesser classes the way they did. I said simply, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  I highly recommend every young teen read the books. Then talk to them.

In this particular example of a “Capital City” occupant dismissing the masses, the Twitter CEO thinks it’s a good idea to expand his way of thinking by destroying the Republican party and taking over middle America by expanding his “California” way of life to every place.

The chief executive officer of Twitter, one of the big social media titans, has declared on his own Twitter account that a long, grotesque screed about driving Republicans from public life and turning the whole political configuration of the U.S. into California is a “great read.”  One of his board members thought so, too, tweeting it first and calling it “interesting.”

This from the guy who claims that his social media site is non-partisan and wouldn’t dream of censoring others.

It rather goes beyond the realm of one man’s opinion in his case.  What we are seeing here is a mask coming off, a social media titan vowing that his agenda is to eliminate an entire side of the political spectrum, and Twitter finally admitting that it’s an operation all about actively promoting left-wingery, as the continuous bans and shadow-bans of conservatives show.  All of this calls into question whether Twitter should be as unregulated as the Silicon Valley elite insists.

Twitchy has a full rundown of the CEO’s outrageous endorsement tweet and the response that followed.  Kurt Schlichter has the best response, knowing how the world works, and Democrats in particular:

Businesses that choose a side should choose wisely.

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) April 6, 2018

Now, Jack Dorsey looks like President Snow of the Games.

Related image Image result for donald sutherland President snow

Tucker Carlson made a point the other night by reminding us elite Californians are living in a dream world, full of power and money and status, while their real world crumbles. But because they are not affected by it, they refuse to see it. So Dorsey thinks his bankrupt state is a good example of how all states must act.  Which is just dumb.  That’s the difference between Dorsey and the fictitious Snow.  Snow at least realized that his power was always under threat of revolution.

Here are some photos of the homeless tent city  in LA along the river.

Image result for los angeles homeless tent city river Image result for los angeles homeless tent city river

Image result for los angeles homeless hypodermic needles Image result for los angeles homeless hypodermic needles

In Dorsey’s case, he is just another tech nerd who thinks a beard and a two hundred dollar hair cut will make him less geeky.  Where he lives he can’t see the above. It doesn’t exist to him, but he wants to import this to America, like California did to Washington and Oregon.


Image result for homeless in oregon

Homeless in Oregon

Image result for homeless in Seattle

Seattle homeless. Thanks California

Dorsey doesn’t get just how powerless he is.  The author of the piece thinks Kurt’s response is great. I saw another on a blog post I thought was far better.  It simply said that Dorsey should look at a map before he starts talking about revolution and destroying America to make it more like his elitist California.  Why?  Because if you look at the map Dorsey- and his nerd buddies- are surrounded.

Two seconds after people stop using Twitter, Dorsey’s just a rich, liberal power hungry person stuck in a state surrounded by real Americans with his back against an ocean.  Not exactly the place to be when you want to start “destroying” other humans.


Image result for map of republican vs democrat counties in California

Conquer this moron.

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