Has Comey lost his nut? Or did Mueller give him immunity?

James Comey fooled me. I liked the guy and felt he had walked a tightrope when he warned America that the fix was in on the HRC email scandal (and it was).  What he didn’t say was that he was balls deep in the fix!  And that’s a bad thing.  Now we see the real Comey, after Trump fired him and Comey is thought to have broke the law by feeding his buddy confidential government documents in order to get back at Trump.

And he’s  tad crazy. He is Diogenes.

The source said Comey’s comments, in his first interview since being fired by President Trump last May, will generate headlines and “certainly add more meat to the charges swirling around Trump.”

According to the source:

  • The Comey interview left people in the room stunned — he told George things that he’s never said before.
  • Some described the experience as surreal. The question will be how to fit it all into a one-hour show.
  • Comey answered every question.
  • If anyone wonders if Comey will go there, he goes there.

What’s next: Comey’s book,A Higher Loyalty,” is out next Tuesday. He taped the interview Monday at his Washington-area home.

Remember Comey may be forced to testify in an upcoming criminal case.  McCabe said Comey told him to leak information to the press. Comey says, under oath, he didn’t.  If McCabe is indicted for that, and other crimes, guess who gets to testify against his buddy?

Worse, Comey is under a cloud himself. That whole keeping notes then leaking them because you are mad at your former boss is a crime.  It is especially offensive because had Trump kept him, he would have said NOTHING!  Comey has turned out to be just another ego maniac, self centered ladder climber- like his buddy Mueller.  They just cultivated their “above reproach” public persona.

But Comey acts like he is untouchable. Which makes you wonder if Mueller and the DOJ gave him the same kind of immunity Cheryl Mills got in the HRC scandal.

It would be good to know.


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