The curious case of Comey and Rosenstein. How do they say and do what they do?

I’ll combine two things.  First, Comey  absolutely convinced me he was doing the right thing in 2016 when he came out and warned America of the Hillary threat, let her in charge and criminality would reign throughout government.  Hillary blames him for her loss- instead of her own actions- but that’s normal for her.  Reid was angry, but within months Reid was conspiring with Comey to release information they both knew was false to damage Trump.

Worse, we find out that Comey knew it was false, passed it on to Trump as possibly true, and didn’t tell him the source was Hillary.  My take is it seems he was using the access and information as a way to “prove” to Trump how vital someone like Comey would be to Trump.  “You got to have people like me around to shield you from things like this Mr President.” kind of thing.  That alone would get someone fired from a job.

Alan Dershowitz tells Tucker Carlson that Comey has lost his mind. He’s right.  What is amazing is he is actually out there telling everyone what he did and what he thought. It’s really revealing.  One meme running around out there is that of the “mean girls” movie.  And whoever put it up isn’t far off.

We are now also hearing that hearing that Comey says he didn’t know McCabe leaked and McCabe said he did, and maybe both are under criminal investigation.  So Comey, the HUGE ego driving idiot he is, writes a book and goes on tour. During which he proves over and over Trump should have fired him sooner!

It is rumored that Comey could be a target of the IG/prosecutor. We now have to deal with the strange story of Rod Rosenstein.  He may be a good guy in general but this attempted soft coup of Donald Trump by the Deep State has put him in a legal trick bag. The fact the feds are ignoring a long established rule of law that say you cannot be a witness or a suspect in an investigation and RUN the investigation is scary.  It seems the Clinton cancer of corruption has infected Rosenstein.

The other rumor is Rosenstein met with Trump and didn’t walk out laughing.  The truth is he should not be laughing as the people who ran the scheme are now talking to the IG/prosecutor.  All they have to say is “Rod knew too.” and it’s done.

As it should be.

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One down, one has to be sat down. It’s the law in the real world.

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