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From a friend. Who were the guys at the race in the tan 511 police pants and backpacks?

I remember being sent a pic of two men standing side by side with backpacks and 511 tan cargo pants. They two screamed fed or police.  But nobody identified them as being part of some security force, of which there … Continue reading

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Gateway links to a marine with no legs comforting amputees from the bombing. A man moment. Something GWB understands.

Deeds are greater than words.  I will link to Gateway for the examples. First one is Obama standing uncomfortably in front of GWB as he hugs and kisses a young army officer, now retired, who lost her leg in an … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn points out the Left’s dementia- again. It’s a “what he said” moment.

The stupidity and stubbornness of the Left and the message carriers in the MSM is simply overwhelming at times.  I don’t think they’ll admit the truth even if lower Manhattan vaporizes in a mushroom cloud while some towel-headed leader of … Continue reading

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Rut Ro! Congress is looking for the FBI file on the brothers.

Time to start practicing in front of the  mirror your “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! There’s terrorism afoot in America?!” speech. _____ —Now members of Congress want to know how someone who was brought to the attention of authorities … Continue reading

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Why is upper level quiet at DOJ? CYA time?

You have to understand the trouble they are going to have here.  CBS is reporting a foreign government asked us to look into the older brother for extremist activities two years ago.  The FBI did and found nothing. Then they … Continue reading

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End result of being a terrorist in America and killing innocents.

The brothers said they didn’t like it here. This is one way to get out. Somebody took a trophy picture.  I’m surprised the guy made it to the hospital. Apparently, he threw bombs that wounded fifteen officers. ______ A grisly … Continue reading

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The bombing investigation begins to fray. Salon must be disappointed that everything keeps pointing at the Middle East.

Frankly, I’m not sure what is going on now.  The NY Post put out a photo the police are circulating among themselves as persons of interest. That picture shows two Middle Eastern fellows.  There are other sources now reporting one … Continue reading

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My friend, who teaches terrorism classes, has a theory. They are already out of here.

I can’t say I agree or disagree, but his theory is that the bombers were organized and efficient.  The target was typical of the Al Qaeda as was the method of setting two bombs off along a route. There was … Continue reading

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It will be the pictures that solve this crime. The Boston race is most videoed and photographed race in the world.

Already we are seeing some great pics coming out and the FBI has said they have received 2,000 leads. Good. Here is one set that may help from a guy who just happened to be perched over the race near … Continue reading

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