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Rut Ro! Congress is looking for the FBI file on the brothers.

Time to start practicing in front of the  mirror your “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! There’s terrorism afoot in America?!” speech. _____ —Now members of Congress want to know how someone who was brought to the attention of authorities … Continue reading

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HE KNEW reads the Drudge Report. Hint, they aren’t talking about Big Bird.

Romney should have gotten him to lie about this.  Yes, he lied in the last debate, but nothing is better than a fresh memory of the guy some people trust to be President lying his ass off to cover his … Continue reading

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The last radicals- homschoolers. The truth best hope for the future. And the liberals hate it. Even though it was their idea.

I homeschooled my two kids. It was a great experience, one I’m still having with my son.  My former wife and I had discussed this many years ago when we had to make a choice between private school and public … Continue reading

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The French lead the way…into the crapper. Socialist President increases taxes, businesses and investors leave.

I love this. Our world is reaching that point where it resembles a set of bad brakes- metal on metal grinding together as it slows down. Think of an old steam engine pulling on its emergency brakes.  Why? Because socialists … Continue reading

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Weekly Standard timelines the Benghazi cover up. It clears up what is reality and what are lies.

They aren’t alone in this.  Legal Insurrection also links to a CNN/Forbes article.  It is all the same. We knew, they knew we knew, our people asked for help and the Obama administration’s Haaarvard educated diplomacy refused, which got regular … Continue reading

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The first moment by moment event line for the Benghazi attack. How Stevens died of smoke inhalation.

Here is the blow by blow account of how Stevens and the others were attacked.  I’d like to say they had a good plan, but you could tell at least they had a plan. What they didn’t have was enough … Continue reading

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Honestly, how bad can you screw something up? The Obama admin and State Department in Libya.

Death to people you were supposed to have the duty, DUTY to protect.  That is how BAD! Hotair has a summary.  Hearings are ongoing.  Too bad Americans in general don’t pay attention. If they did, this would be a Watergate … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews interrogates Jack Welch on the BLS comment. Attacks words not the point.

I give Chris this, when he goes into the crazy tank he leaps off the high board! Here Chris tries to get around the issue by attacking a small point and intentionally avoiding the big issue.  If you remember, Welch … Continue reading

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Ruling following cost the Ambassador his life? The email that may start the slide.

We all know by now it was a coverup.  If this were a year ago and there was time for hearings, the whole truth might make it out before the election. But Obama and his MSM buddies know full well … Continue reading

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The gift that keeps on giving. F&F and another agent killed.

I would like to say I have the answer on how to stop this.  But I’m not a genius and as a former career detective, I know there are good guys in law enforcement with good ideas standing RIGHT there … Continue reading

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