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Hey David, maybe nobody is following Boehner because he’s a lemming.

Or the Ice Age movie Dodo bird. David Ignatius is upset that the Republicans are doing what the opposition party is supposed to do.  In this case, he wants to believe Boehner is all by himself because the rest of … Continue reading

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What do the Democratic bureaucrats who designed Obamacare and rats leaving a sinking ship have in common?

Everything. Dozens of lawmakers and aides are so afraid that their health insurance premiums will skyrocket next year thanks to Obamacare that they are thinking about retiring early or just quitting. The fear: Government-subsidized premiums will disappear at the end … Continue reading

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How the NSA intel program should and shouldn’t work properly. It can do great good or great harm.

Over at the NRO the article states a number of career politicians are defending PRISM as necessary.  I disagree in its present format, but do understand the need to be able to sweep suspect’s phone. The chairman of the House … Continue reading

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Eric Holder and his “I don’t know” defense. Lawyers….

I’m telling you when they start acting stupid and having trouble remembering they are planning an exit from the scene as quickly as possible.  Like rats, they know when the ship is sinking.  Holder realizes this could get troublesome.  If … Continue reading

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The big petulant three- Obama, Holder and Hillary

If you were to try and draw a hierarchy of control and energy regarding the efforts of the Obama administration you would inevitably have to list these three as the core individuals.  All of them suffer the same disease- they … Continue reading

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Here’s a question. What if Michelle or Barack were in Benghazi that night? Still no help sent because it was “impossible?”

Remember, this is a two tier issue. 1. The deaths of the Americans and the lack of ability to respond to protect the compounds was a result of BAD POLICY promoted by the Obama administration.  It was a result of … Continue reading

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Of course they will. Obamacare exemptions for those in Congress.

And their aides and employees.  “Not for me, but for thee.” Anyone else surprised? Remember when they promised no one in the government or in politics would be exempt from this great new health care system?  Remember? ______ Congressional leaders … Continue reading

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You have to laugh. Gun wielding politician shouldn’t have had gun.

Seems he has a violent criminal record. A Virginia lawmaker who drew gasps from his colleagues when he brandished a borrowed AK-47 during an anti-gun speech Thursday was found guilty in 2002 of committing a vicious 1999 assault, was sanctioned … Continue reading

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American Spectator points out Obamacare may not be in such good shape- thanks to Judge Roberts.

Going the way of McCain/Feingold? The American Spectator may think just that. Last June, upon learning that the Supreme Court had ruled Obamacare’s individual mandate constitutional, many observers were forced to concur with the Dickens character who opined, “If the … Continue reading

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Mia Love, another “Clarence Thomas” double standard. Being a Republican erases your color. Dude.

Mia Love is cool.  She is smart, young, aggressive in a nice way, clear eyed and clear headed. She is what the ’60’s civil rights generation said they wanted when they decided to spend trillions “pulling blacks out of poverty” … Continue reading

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