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The knockout games. When liberal theory meets the side of an innocent’s head.

I can’t tell you how much damage I’d do to someone if I caught them doing this. And nobody should even blink when it happens. Hannity has some guests who argue it is both racial and religious.  I’ll add also … Continue reading

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My biggest disappointment in Obama’s Presidency, the chance to move race ahead and not into the past.

Face it. He never intended to keep that promise.  Why?  We could spend a long time on that question. The most obvious answers is he didn’t believe in what he was saying and he likes seeing the unrest as a … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn and the National Review spend time pointing out what the guy in Ohio already knew: The government is out of control.

Look, it’s simple.  Infiltrate over a number of years an organization with a bunch of like minded folks and you are going to get a beast, that with the power it holds, will guarantee its own survival. Put in people … Continue reading

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Eric Holder and his “I don’t know” defense. Lawyers….

I’m telling you when they start acting stupid and having trouble remembering they are planning an exit from the scene as quickly as possible.  Like rats, they know when the ship is sinking.  Holder realizes this could get troublesome.  If … Continue reading

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Why registering guns and then letting government tell you when you should own one is a bad idea. The tale of two women.

When the government says you can own guns UNLESS… beware.  All you are doing is allowing bureaucrats and politicians to set limits on ownership when their intent and goal to to eliminate ownership.  Talk about your fox guarding a hen … Continue reading

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The real shame of gun control lies. That even after it passes in New York the insane are still killing innocents.

 The following is a good article on the “how” we got so screwed up when dealing with the mentally ill. The world is full of nutjobs.  They will arm themselves with any weapon they can and attack without warning.  That’s … Continue reading

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Speaking of arrogance and “Catch me if you can”. Senator Menendez is feeling the heat. Women’s rights groups are paying attention.

It’s the final turn around the far bend heading into the home stretch moment. If Menendez had been a Republican or even a decent man he’d been packed up and had already slipped out the back.  But no.  We are … Continue reading

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A bad man in a powerful place can do great harm.

I said this to my then partner, a MENSA bright fellow who gets few things wrong.  This he got wrong. I said this to him in 2008 when Obama won.  He dismissed him because he was limited in power by … Continue reading

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Bob Menendez is being investigated for spending time with underage prostitutes. Media remains mum.

Not surprising.  On Friday the news broke that the FBI has been investigating top Democratic Senator Bob Menendez for having sex with underage Dominican hookers. For some reason the ABC host Martha Raddatz forgot to ask Menendez about the hooker … Continue reading

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Boy, I figure if they had a gun about then… . Two examples of random violent crimes against women in “no gun” zones.

Remember, you lefties voted in the people (and righties in the case of Christie) who now run those states. They are liberals with bad liberal policy.  Here are two real life end results.  A woman survives being thrown onto the … Continue reading

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