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Why does he continue to lie, even when caught? Obama and the Mexican gun running scam

Why? He will never be held accountable for his words or his deeds, neither by the people of America or his conscience- because he obviously lacks one. Humans will take the most direct path between what they want and the … Continue reading

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ATF link between Holder and the F&F scandal is back in the U.S. after being “spirited” to Iraq.

Only after the IG “clears” Holder of any wrongdoing. Here are the headlines: Kevin O’Reilly, the link between the White House and Operation Fast and Furious, is back in America. O’Reilly abruptly left his post as director of North American … Continue reading

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The gift that keeps on giving. F&F and another agent killed.

I would like to say I have the answer on how to stop this.  But I’m not a genius and as a former career detective, I know there are good guys in law enforcement with good ideas standing RIGHT there … Continue reading

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