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FBI director doesn’t know who is in charge of the IRS investigation- or little else for that matter.

“Gosh Beav, you think he would at least carried in a note with a name?” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) didn’t hide his surprise during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday in which FBI Director Robert Mueller told the lawmaker he wasn’t aware of … Continue reading

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The bombing investigation begins to fray. Salon must be disappointed that everything keeps pointing at the Middle East.

Frankly, I’m not sure what is going on now.  The NY Post put out a photo the police are circulating among themselves as persons of interest. That picture shows two Middle Eastern fellows.  There are other sources now reporting one … Continue reading

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Speaking of arrogance and “Catch me if you can”. Senator Menendez is feeling the heat. Women’s rights groups are paying attention.

It’s the final turn around the far bend heading into the home stretch moment. If Menendez had been a Republican or even a decent man he’d been packed up and had already slipped out the back.  But no.  We are … Continue reading

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Bob Menendez is being investigated for spending time with underage prostitutes. Media remains mum.

Not surprising.  On Friday the news broke that the FBI has been investigating top Democratic Senator Bob Menendez for having sex with underage Dominican hookers. For some reason the ABC host Martha Raddatz forgot to ask Menendez about the hooker … Continue reading

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Okay, I give up. I have a great imagination, but I can’t compete with this.

I’m working on another novel. In my last one, I kept the plot to a corrupt political system, a compliant populace and a narcissistic President who wants to take over the nation.  I had plots and subplots on a worldwide … Continue reading

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Update: The “other woman” is a family friend of wife. Petraeus and FBI may have been played. Calling bullshit and throwing a yellow flag.

Either this is a case of some very bright people being incredibly stupid (the Robin Williams rule) or Broadwell is crazy (The Richardson rule) or something else is afoot. Here’s the WSJ report.  Seems okay except that you have to … Continue reading

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Here’s a question. Who is the other woman that started the FBI probe?

Look, people cheat.  It happens all the time. If Clinton can cheat and be  considered the elder statesman in the Democratic party, then I guess all other examples are off the table. But what intrigues me is the “other woman” … Continue reading

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FBI in and out of Benghazi just as many figured.

Crime scene…hah!  A team of FBI agents arrived in Benghazi, Libya, to investigate the assault against the U.S. Consulate and left after about 12 hours on the ground as the hunt for those possibly connected to the attack that killed … Continue reading

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Now that makes sense. The FBI “investigates” the Ambassador’s death…from a distance.

Remember when everybody freaked about CNN getting inside the burnt skeleton of the embassy to recover the ambassador’s journal?  Some people claimed they were violating a “crime scene” and stealing evidence. Tears of laughter coming from my eyes.  Seriously. First … Continue reading

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When you let “children” play with fire. Another example of the TSA not getting it

Look, I’m all about security. But only in the realm of recognizing that security is NOT the end all. Life is a risk, and sometimes the bad guy gets away with it. Punishing citizens out of fear and the ability … Continue reading

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