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Eric Holder, the shield law and the message to journalists “stop me before I do you wrong again.”

I give them credit. It is like watching an abusive spouse beating their partner while the entire time promising not to do it again if ONLY that partner would sign a piece of paper telling him to stop. Does anyone … Continue reading

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Eric Holder and his “I don’t know” defense. Lawyers….

I’m telling you when they start acting stupid and having trouble remembering they are planning an exit from the scene as quickly as possible.  Like rats, they know when the ship is sinking.  Holder realizes this could get troublesome.  If … Continue reading

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The big petulant three- Obama, Holder and Hillary

If you were to try and draw a hierarchy of control and energy regarding the efforts of the Obama administration you would inevitably have to list these three as the core individuals.  All of them suffer the same disease- they … Continue reading

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A sign things are coming undone. Lawyers getting out of the way is akin to carnaries in a mine.

It didn’t take long for Holder to blame someone else.  In this case, he wants us to believe he had Noooo idea the other guys had grabbed up so much data.  Of course that is a lie.  Further, Holder is … Continue reading

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Here’s a question. Who is the other woman that started the FBI probe?

Look, people cheat.  It happens all the time. If Clinton can cheat and be  considered the elder statesman in the Democratic party, then I guess all other examples are off the table. But what intrigues me is the “other woman” … Continue reading

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ATF link between Holder and the F&F scandal is back in the U.S. after being “spirited” to Iraq.

Only after the IG “clears” Holder of any wrongdoing. Here are the headlines: Kevin O’Reilly, the link between the White House and Operation Fast and Furious, is back in America. O’Reilly abruptly left his post as director of North American … Continue reading

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FBI in and out of Benghazi just as many figured.

Crime scene…hah!  A team of FBI agents arrived in Benghazi, Libya, to investigate the assault against the U.S. Consulate and left after about 12 hours on the ground as the hunt for those possibly connected to the attack that killed … Continue reading

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The gift that keeps on giving. F&F and another agent killed.

I would like to say I have the answer on how to stop this.  But I’m not a genius and as a former career detective, I know there are good guys in law enforcement with good ideas standing RIGHT there … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious cover up continues. Now it is an official “grassy knoll” moment.

Maddening  in its simplicity.  The Fast and Furious scandal was simply bad idea that became a political opportunity that became a nightmare that became a cover up.  And as we all know in politics, it is never the crime but … Continue reading

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You know AG Holder is guilty- as is Obama- when they do this. Send the key witness to the Philippines and pay him to stay there!

Oh, come ON!!! At least make it LOOK like you’re innocent!!! Seems the guy who can testify to whether or not the DOJ insiders and Obama knew what he was doing on the Fast and Furious murder weapon supply program … Continue reading

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