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Oprah’s newest tale of racism. The clerks speaks out.

Apparently, Oprah has made claims of racism before- as she is a self made billionaire.  I know…I know…   She now says some clerk in Switzerland didn’t let her see an expensive bag because Oprah was black.  Now the clerk speaks … Continue reading

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Watching history repeat itself. Create a crisis, demand authority to solve it, claim it solved and then claim credit.

People who study history are constantly amazed over how easily citizens in the past were manipulated into believing things that were untrue and easily disputed.  Today, if you pay attention you will see just how it is done because this … Continue reading

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Hillary, Mark Steyn and “what does it matter?!”

I watched the hearing, or at least part of them.  It was sad.  I actually understood some of what Hillary was saying and I also understood the Senate and the House were not interested in knowing (or revealing) the truth.  … Continue reading

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The odd “I cut spending by a trillion dollars” lie. Obama is divorced from reality.

Dangerous moments are often missed by those who observe in real time.  Only through the prism of history are we able to look back and say, “Oh man, how could they not have caught that!” I think the Obama administration … Continue reading

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The “Candyland” debate. Where in the heck did all the hippies come from?

Well now I have my question answered. I always wondered who the “undecided” people were.  Apparently, they are the sixties left over generation. I mean, SERIOUSLY?  Did you see some of them? Did you see the woman with the long … Continue reading

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