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Bob Gates opens the floodgates. He may be the first of many.

Bob Gates, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, et. al.  Maybe even Petraeus if he gets past the hooking up with the chick thing. All of these men (and I’m no fan of Geithner but he is a smart guy and very … Continue reading

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What is the defintion of dysfunctional? Even the sign guy was fake!

Everybody is talking about the Mandela service.  Mandela was a larger than life person who sucked the air out of any place he occupied. In my opinion, one of the reasons the ego driven world leaders tolerated him, but did … Continue reading

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You know it is over when they pull out this… 12 reason why Obama a great President.

Seriously, take away the guy’s “journalist” pass and send him back to the re-education camp he just graduated from! PJ Media does the heavy lifting on this. I just wanted to make sure more people saw it. If you are … Continue reading

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My biggest disappointment in Obama’s Presidency, the chance to move race ahead and not into the past.

Face it. He never intended to keep that promise.  Why?  We could spend a long time on that question. The most obvious answers is he didn’t believe in what he was saying and he likes seeing the unrest as a … Continue reading

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Figuring out how Obamacare will stay. Regardless of how bad it is.

Here’s the skinny.  BOTH sides AND big business want it.  The rest of us are batteries running the Matrix.  It is here, and unless John Roberts holds to his prior theories in the SPCT, it will stay. Too many people … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz, standing for principle, and the falling illusion of Obamacare.

The insiders in Washington are going nuts.  On their way to the cocktail parties they have loved to attend during their long professional political career, they ran smack dab into that classic  crazy guy on the street corner holding up … Continue reading

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In a word. We see once again radical Islam is a dangerous out of control religion.

Here is the obvious about Syria. And our foreign policy And then we have this little issue that Obama hasn’t discussed but rather wants to talk about gun control- again.  Seems Islamic rebels have seized a mall and systematically killed … Continue reading

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Sometimes you can say it in a picture. A cartoon explanation for the low information voter.

For some the idea of using our military to be the AQ’s air force is unbelievably stupid.  Others get confused because they want to support Obama.  But this cartoon puts it in the best light.  We are going to get … Continue reading

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The President shows Sharpton who shows the adults who shows the teenagers who show the kids. The “how” in starting race conflicts.

It’s a tough line to hold, but it is still a line.  Obama green lights the whole racial thing because he, like Mao, believes in chaos government.  Everybody spending energy fighting each other, less energy taking a hard look at … Continue reading

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Clowning around in Missouri isn’t funny IF you offend “the ONE”

There are lessons here.  First the clown was clowning.  Second, the intentional knee-jerk reaction shows just how far down the racist hole we’ve gone.  Third, Missouri is quickly becoming an embarrassment of a state- at least in the government and … Continue reading

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