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Obama thinks he can tell people what a “good retirement” should look like. Goes along with his “smaller America” point of view.

I read this the other day and thought just how appropriate it is.  Do you think the millions upon millions Obama is sacking away now and after he leaves will be limited by some future administration?  No, of course not. … Continue reading

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Immigration verus legal Immigration. No perfect solution without political will.

This is a short one.  As we know we have a need for low wage labor.  As we know we have a large population full of potential low wage labors.  As we know, the Americans who fill that role won’t … Continue reading

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And Bloomberg, Schumer and the rest start drinking and thinking of ropes and trees.

How funny would it be, and how suicidally maddening to the likes of Bloomberg and Schumer if this trend continues, proving all along that Rush Limbaugh was right AND ahead of the crowd! In today’s society people who invest and … Continue reading

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Rand Paul makes sense. Drowning is bad for everyone, even the two out of the hundred.

Well put from Legal Insurrection.  Watch the video. There isn’t going to be a vote tonight in the House, at least. And it’s not clear what all the details are, but it looks as of this writing that taxes will … Continue reading

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Taxing the rich Hansen style. Tax the ones who wanted it.

This is a quick one. I think we should give the Left what it wants.  Tax the living daylights out of rich people, especially those in Hollywood who really do not produce anything of value.  Anyone over 500,000 a year … Continue reading

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Rich liberals leaving France. Didn’t see that coming…NOT!

I’m telling you, a winning angle for this whole tax thing is to include an “entertainment tax” on anyone working in Hollywood that made over a half million last year. Their effective tax rate should be fifty percent.  I want … Continue reading

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The French lead the way…into the crapper. Socialist President increases taxes, businesses and investors leave.

I love this. Our world is reaching that point where it resembles a set of bad brakes- metal on metal grinding together as it slows down. Think of an old steam engine pulling on its emergency brakes.  Why? Because socialists … Continue reading

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David Seigal from Westgate Resorts emails his people- Vote for the guy who understands jobs or risk losing yours.

Dave’s had it. I’m going to let him speak. What he says is right and I don’t care how many fairies fart pixie dust in the Liberals utopian world, the real effect of high taxes and regulations MEANS our nation … Continue reading

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