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Explaining AQ Big Mac style. It isn’t a corporation as much as it is a franchise.

It isn’t rocket science and the enemy are certainly not geniuses.  What they have is location, location, location and a local logistical support.  That is why they have trouble here causing problems and have no problem there doing the same. … Continue reading

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How the NSA intel program should and shouldn’t work properly. It can do great good or great harm.

Over at the NRO the article states a number of career politicians are defending PRISM as necessary.  I disagree in its present format, but do understand the need to be able to sweep suspect’s phone. The chairman of the House … Continue reading

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The “face” of terrorism in America.

For a long time, the MSM and the Left  would plant Tim McVeigh’s face under that statement.  It’s the white, supremacist, right-wingers who are the threat, at least according to insanely biased organizations like SPLC.  Often, I remind my kids … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn points out the Left’s dementia- again. It’s a “what he said” moment.

The stupidity and stubbornness of the Left and the message carriers in the MSM is simply overwhelming at times.  I don’t think they’ll admit the truth even if lower Manhattan vaporizes in a mushroom cloud while some towel-headed leader of … Continue reading

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Bombing in Boston has all the markings of Jihad. No jumping to conclusions, but….

It could be anyone.  If you listened to the first couple of hours over at CNN or NBC or MSNBC you would have come away thinking somehow Tim McVeigh rose from the dead and led another attack!  Tax Revolt, extremists, … Continue reading

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Applying the “fleeing felon” rule to killing terrorists without a trial, and failing. My MENSA bright buddy hits the wall.

He tried.  We talked at length about a number of issues, of which I’ll be relating in writing here.  One of those issues was using drones against people who were never convicted of a crime. He read the memo and … Continue reading

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Domestic and Islamic terrrorism and the abundance of soft targets.

I’ve mentioned this before but a conversation with my daughter about my experiences going through courthouse security when I was working as a police detective made me want to post a short article here. When I was explaining how the … Continue reading

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Victims of terrorist attack at Ft Hood sue- for money and to make the government tell the truth about it.

This is a case where lawyers may actually serve a purpose. That purpose is to force the Obama administration to admit the shootings at Fort Hood were the acts of a Islamic domestic terrorism. Good luck with that.  It seems … Continue reading

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Benghazi. Only the most ardent or insane supporters of Obama can keep up the lie.

It is going to get far worse. From P&P. CBS and Free Beacon do some good reporting. (Yes, I said CBS and I haven’t been struck blind yet- amazing!) First CBS: CBS News has learned that during the Sept. 11 … Continue reading

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Casto checking out? Cool, I beat him.

Rumors have it that Castro stroked. Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and his state of health is so precarious that he has trouble feeding, speaking and recognizing people, said a Venezuelan physician who assured El Nuevo … Continue reading

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