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Sometimes you can say it in a picture. A cartoon explanation for the low information voter.

For some the idea of using our military to be the AQ’s air force is unbelievably stupid.  Others get confused because they want to support Obama.  But this cartoon puts it in the best light.  We are going to get … Continue reading

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Another example of why we can’t win against Islamic radicalism. They are raised different.

Happy Mother’s day…  Here is a mom from the other side of the War on Terror. One Islamic radical mother laid out the issue concisely-  “I advise you to raise your children in the cult of jihad and martyrdom and … Continue reading

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Krauthammer on women in combat. Good idea if no standards as changed.

I like Charles but he’s smoking dope on this one. He says it is a good idea IF no standards will change. The trouble is we already see standards changing for all other types of work demanding great physical strength.  … Continue reading

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Putting to bed the issue of feminism, sensitivity and women in combat from two females points of view.

Liberals and their fairy dust, unicorn world can wish for things to work, but that doesn’t mean they will.  As we see parts of the world slip into a mini ice age while Al Gore claims we are burning up, … Continue reading

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