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The end result of of the liberals running out of targets. The snake eating its tail.

It begins. We all know what happened to the “useful idiots” that blindly supported Communism and Nazism.  In the end, when the leaders of the movement decided they didn’t need them anymore, they killed the useful idiots off. It makes … Continue reading

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Who is next? Obama’s history of destroying people for profit and votes.

It is that bad movie you watch where the megalomaniac runs around destroying everything and everybody for his own personal gain.  “Booohahahaa” moment. What I said to my police partner back in 2008 has become a troubling reality. “A bad … Continue reading

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The truth Bob Beckel won’t admit, unions DID harm Vets.

Not the unions themselves, but the abuse the unions allowed the people to commit.  Remember, given the opportunity to be lazy the vast majority of humans will “mail it in.” Krauthammer pointed out the entire staff of a VA cardiology … Continue reading

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Playing games with the second amendment. DOJ and the FDIC pressure banks to cut off funding.

Troubling.  Frankly just flat out troubling. And one has to wonder if there were no Internet or counter opinion out there, would we even know about it.  Just another backdoor, big government effort.  What really pisses people off is that … Continue reading

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D’Souza indicted for a felony. Democrat operative got a misdemeanor for same thing. Nobody notices

Dinesh D’Souza criticized Obama in his famous book and movie “2016”.  The movie was a  hit, apparently outstripping every documentary except Michael Moore’s  Fahrenheit 911.  In the classic “Chicago Way” Obama’s people waited for D’Souza to screw up and then … Continue reading

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Peggy Noonan asks why this IRS scandal is different and more serious. She finally gets it.

When you live and work inside the D.C. bubble you get insulated as to the impact of big government on your life.  You aren’t a small business dealing with OSHA or the EPA. You aren’t a political group waging a … Continue reading

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Rich Lowry and the “administrative state” form of government with examples. The New America has arrived.

Look, I hate to be right more than wrong, sounds arrogant, and Lord knows I’m wrong too many times to be that. BUT in this case, I saw it coming twenty years ago.  It had to go this way.  Long … Continue reading

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Background checks. Confiscation without representation.

This is bad.  As the Left swears up and down it won’t seize guns if registered- and make no mistake about it background checks ARE registration- there are examples coming forward in real time showing us the Left is flat … Continue reading

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Obama thinks he can tell people what a “good retirement” should look like. Goes along with his “smaller America” point of view.

I read this the other day and thought just how appropriate it is.  Do you think the millions upon millions Obama is sacking away now and after he leaves will be limited by some future administration?  No, of course not. … Continue reading

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