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If we could put it this way, maybe Boehner would get the point- The affordable golf club act

Sometimes you have to be absurd to get you point across. Rush is good at that, as are others.   Here is a great little analogy.  If you put the ACA in these terms, maybe the elite golfing community would get … Continue reading

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Scary times. Lavabit quits and goes home rather than become co-conspirators. Obama ignores the law…again.

With the government. Watch the video. The overall message is this man refused to be part of the NSA demand for cooperation. He just killed the “baby” instead of watching it forced into servitude. I apologized to my kids because … Continue reading

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Obama’s “New America”. Healtcare up, people grouping together to survive.

Pay attention, I won’t be giving Obama credit for much, but I do give him credit for saying something several years ago that many of us feared for a decade- that America will no longer be the America of the … Continue reading

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