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Getting the threat of being a police officer wrong. Deaths are up, but so are assaults.

A recent liberal article stating that being a police officer was safer than before was hard to read. Simply because the article took one statistic- the number of deaths of officers in the line of duty- and said because the … Continue reading

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Goose and the gander. Holder and the St. Louis prosecutor. One stays, one goes?

I heard this and was saddened.  There is a call from the black community to remove the prosecutor in the Wilson shooting case because his father, who was a cop, was killed by a black man. So, in the opinion … Continue reading

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James Clapper is reviewing intel failure. Talk about the fox investigating how he got into the hen house!

At some point somebody has to throw a flag and call bullshit! Asking Clapper to look into this is like asking what happened to a fox, with a mouthful of feathers, standing in the hen house!  “Gee, I don’t (cough, … Continue reading

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