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Third time is the charm! Holder finally creates his “crisis” so he can nationalize police policy- dealing with blacks.

If you will note, they keep saying “persons of color” but that doesn’t make sense. We all have color. So what does that mean really? Asians? Hispanics? Hawaiians? Nope it means black.  And to be more specific.  It means just … Continue reading

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White liberal vision of blacks. What qualifies and who doesn’t. Beckel vs Condi

(Let me start out with a disclaimer- I LOVE Condi Rice.  I love everything about her from her classiness and intelligence, to her musical talents and outstanding personality. In that, I’m not alone as more than one foreign leader was … Continue reading

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Black leaders make a valid point. Immigration reform will further damage black employment.

They are right.  People in the black community have been mishandled for generations by those who would want to trade their opportunities to be free of dependency for guaranteed votes. We all know this.  Look at Detroit or Chicago or … Continue reading

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