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James Clapper is reviewing intel failure. Talk about the fox investigating how he got into the hen house!

At some point somebody has to throw a flag and call bullshit! Asking Clapper to look into this is like asking what happened to a fox, with a mouthful of feathers, standing in the hen house!  “Gee, I don’t (cough, … Continue reading

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American Thinker links to a great article on Islam. Worth reading.

Clarice Feldman does some nice writing over there. She highlights someone she thinks did a great job examining what exactly we are up against.  Here is part of it. Prisons are full of 300 pound men who beat their 90 … Continue reading

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Miranda and the breathless media.

We’ve heard he didn’t get Miranda. We’ve heard when he did it shut down the investigation.   As usual, the media arguments always center around what they know- television. In the real world the situation is quite different.  The police (feds … Continue reading

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Dennis Miller tells it like it is. He’s either stupid, creepy, or like Hall 9000 he’s thrown a gear.

Go to the link and watch. Dennis Miller has had enough.  Blown up eight year olds will do that to you.   —O’Reilly then went back to his prior query about Obama and his reluctance to use charged terms like … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn points out the Left’s dementia- again. It’s a “what he said” moment.

The stupidity and stubbornness of the Left and the message carriers in the MSM is simply overwhelming at times.  I don’t think they’ll admit the truth even if lower Manhattan vaporizes in a mushroom cloud while some towel-headed leader of … Continue reading

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From Powerline. Why does evil make liberal stupid. Well put.

John at Powerline makes a good point. Liberalism, like political correctness will get us all killed. _____ —In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, we are suffering through the inevitable period of liberal hand-wringing. Liberals can’t help themselves: while … Continue reading

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Now that the FBI is sweeping up the cell, it is time to ask how they missed it.

It isn’t the agent’s fault.  Nor was it the agents or officers in the JTTF.  As I’ve said before you have to understand how things work inside the feds.  It is a very, very regulation, guideline, policy driven bureaucracy inhabited … Continue reading

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Why is upper level quiet at DOJ? CYA time?

You have to understand the trouble they are going to have here.  CBS is reporting a foreign government asked us to look into the older brother for extremist activities two years ago.  The FBI did and found nothing. Then they … Continue reading

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End result of being a terrorist in America and killing innocents.

The brothers said they didn’t like it here. This is one way to get out. Somebody took a trophy picture.  I’m surprised the guy made it to the hospital. Apparently, he threw bombs that wounded fifteen officers. ______ A grisly … Continue reading

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NPR has ongoing blog. Good so far

Worth linking to. ________ Update at 12:30 p.m. ET. About The Suspects And The Family. Maret Tsarnaev, an aunt of the suspects who lives in Toronto, tells that: — While the family is Chechnyan, it lived in Chechnya for just … Continue reading

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