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AP claims “Mom made the do it” and complains the Russians didn’t share. It’s a family thing for the bombers.

Sometimes it’s hard to watch the growth of the liberal mindset. It’s like trying to potty train your kid.  I swear.  Over at the AP they state, from some source, the reason the Russians were so worked up over the … Continue reading

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Rut Ro! Congress is looking for the FBI file on the brothers.

Time to start practicing in front of the  mirror your “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! There’s terrorism afoot in America?!” speech. _____ —Now members of Congress want to know how someone who was brought to the attention of authorities … Continue reading

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Diane Sawyer at ABC is trying to kill me! Calls murdering terrorist “college student”.

Don’t know what she said after that. I went deaf and blind. Think it was an aneurysm! Where does that come from?  The man murdered and maimed.  He shot a cop, his brother shot and wounded fifteen others. And he’s … Continue reading

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Understanding Chechnya and its terrorists

They scare Jihadists.  Chechnya has been at war, a violent VIOLENT war with Russia for years.  In fact, in the first war the Russians, mostly conscripts but heavily armed, went up against the fighters in Grozny.  They were beaten back … Continue reading

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My friend, who teaches terrorism classes, has a theory. They are already out of here.

I can’t say I agree or disagree, but his theory is that the bombers were organized and efficient.  The target was typical of the Al Qaeda as was the method of setting two bombs off along a route. There was … Continue reading

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Bombing in Boston has all the markings of Jihad. No jumping to conclusions, but….

It could be anyone.  If you listened to the first couple of hours over at CNN or NBC or MSNBC you would have come away thinking somehow Tim McVeigh rose from the dead and led another attack!  Tax Revolt, extremists, … Continue reading

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Political correctness kills a young woman adding her to a long list. Afghanistan meets Obama’s PC.

And Afghanistan won…with a bang! _____ —Once again, history thrust John Kerry today in front of microphones to speak about American youths who are cut down in the waning days of an unpopular war. Mr. Kerry, now US secretary of … Continue reading

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