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“Asian” runs over people in Britain. London mayor blames everyone else.

Not to minimize the carnage, but when will the Brits quit blaming Japanese and Chinese people for the terror attacks in their country.  They keep calling the terrorists “Asians”.  They are not Asians, they are middle eastern Muslims.  Today, another … Continue reading

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Disabled British politician speaks about the horrors of selective abortion.

Heartbreaking and honest.  Read the article, but watch the video first.    

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The cancer of Political Correctness and the rapes of children, approved by the British government.

You can’t make it up.  At some point, somebody has to get some gas, dump it on the former British Empire and light a match. The rotting corpse is starting to stink.  They have killed themselves with political correctness and … Continue reading

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What….the….Fu….???? Brits burn dead babies for heat. No kidding…

And our elitists want that world for our nation.  Can I say F U! The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found. Ten … Continue reading

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A reminder of the limits of police capabilities, especially if politically hamstrung. The killing of the British soldier.

It should have never happened. And had the MI5 folks been able to sweep up the killer a while back, instead of trying to recruit him, that soldier on that particular day would be alive.  That’s not saying another soldier … Continue reading

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Terrorism and perversion. How government makes both go away- by changing definitions

Years ago, I was watching BBC or some other cable channel showing the British Parliament in action.  That particular day they seemed to be arguing over what appeared to be a critical issue to them.  Terrorism?  Nope.  Immigration and growing … Continue reading

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