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When confronted with a buffoon, duct tape is magic

Enough said.

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Comey and the corruption of the FBI. If they are that mad, I want to hear from them.

You have to understand something here. The fix was in.  No pissed off FBI agent is going to change that.  Now we hear they are mad because HRC was let off.  Hell, EVERYBODY was going to be let off for … Continue reading

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The rub between what Obama is saying and what the DOJ is trying to hide…again. FISA isn’t happy at all.

Nothing to see here, move along…. How many times can Obama and his supporters, like Julian Epstein (see video clip below for Neil’s meltdown), claim that?  Especially when even the most perfunctory review, that could even be accomplished by a … Continue reading

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How did the Castro brothers get away with it?

As this horrifying story unfolds, I fear we are going to find out the police did not do their jobs as well as they should have.  Already, neighbors in this low income neighborhood are saying they called the police several … Continue reading

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