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McCabe’s first act is to throw Comey under the bus. The lies are hard to keep straight.

McCabe is made because the rules apply to the FBI seventh floor.  He’s mad because it’s okay for him to fire OTHER FBI employees for lying, but he shouldn’t be fired for lying.  He’s mad because he is now caught … Continue reading

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Mueller and the DOJ commit obstruction. Who didn’t see that coming.

A couple of factual main points here: The dossier/Russian collusion effort is a Hillary/DNC generated hit piece. The “shadow government/deep state” which Obama largely put in place used the dossier to get an illegal surveillance FISA warrant on Trump as … Continue reading

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Hillary and the lie of ignorance. At some point she should just admit it.

Let’s make this simple by starting at a base point of truth. HRC was caught lying back in the nineties while in the White House partially through email exchanges.  Not to mention her illegal activities while as the wife of … Continue reading

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Comey’s sword turned out to be rubber. He’s part of the problem, not the solution.

After the testimony today in front of a House committee, I’ve had several points I’d like to make; One, I was wrong. Or as Fonzie used to say in Happy days, I was wroo…I was wrooa…I was wrooo… Boy this … Continue reading

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George Will and Obama’s admission government is too big to control. David Brooks thinks giving him more power is the answer.

Bear with me on this one for a minute and you’ll get the connections. First, George Will wrote a column on how Obama is lamenting the size and intransigent nature of big government.  As though he was suddenly thrown to … Continue reading

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Hey David, maybe nobody is following Boehner because he’s a lemming.

Or the Ice Age movie Dodo bird. David Ignatius is upset that the Republicans are doing what the opposition party is supposed to do.  In this case, he wants to believe Boehner is all by himself because the rest of … Continue reading

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Let’s see. Journalist claims NSA snooping. NSA tells Congress no way without court order. Journalist going to expose lie?

It’s a dance.  The people are worried the NSA has gone too far. Greenwald claims he has proof that the NSA is doing “x”.  The Congress likes the NSA having the power.  Those in Congress, like Michelle Bachmann, listen to … Continue reading

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What do the Democratic bureaucrats who designed Obamacare and rats leaving a sinking ship have in common?

Everything. Dozens of lawmakers and aides are so afraid that their health insurance premiums will skyrocket next year thanks to Obamacare that they are thinking about retiring early or just quitting. The fear: Government-subsidized premiums will disappear at the end … Continue reading

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The rub between what Obama is saying and what the DOJ is trying to hide…again. FISA isn’t happy at all.

Nothing to see here, move along…. How many times can Obama and his supporters, like Julian Epstein (see video clip below for Neil’s meltdown), claim that?  Especially when even the most perfunctory review, that could even be accomplished by a … Continue reading

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Eric Holder and his “I don’t know” defense. Lawyers….

I’m telling you when they start acting stupid and having trouble remembering they are planning an exit from the scene as quickly as possible.  Like rats, they know when the ship is sinking.  Holder realizes this could get troublesome.  If … Continue reading

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