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…”She could always find a violation”…. Lois Lerner, Angela Corey and the “I’m god” complex.

They aren’t bad guys in the traditional “Sopranos” sense.  But what they are is power corrupted.  They are in positions where they wield power and authority without any real accountability and that tends to make people of weak will grow … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn and the National Review spend time pointing out what the guy in Ohio already knew: The government is out of control.

Look, it’s simple.  Infiltrate over a number of years an organization with a bunch of like minded folks and you are going to get a beast, that with the power it holds, will guarantee its own survival. Put in people … Continue reading

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Immigration. What is right and what is wrong. Outside the political bubble.

Maddening.  I like Rubio and he is trying to find some kind of functional middle ground to deal with obvious fact we have been invaded.  Here’s the rub.  We’ve been dealing with this problem for a hundred years or longer.  … Continue reading

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Sidwell. No different than any other elitist secular organization.

Boy, this will make great copy if it gets to trial. It appears Sidwell, the school of the elites in Washington D.C., has just as many screwed up leftie “If it feels good do it” morons as we see anywhere … Continue reading

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Can bureaucrats and others ever be held to justice? It took a while, but in Atlanta the answer is yes.

This story is horrible, but it does explain the “white flight” so many professional blacks complained about as they took over Atlanta and its bureaucracies.  Nobody likes watching others take advantage of the built in immunities given them by race.  … Continue reading

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