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An honest assessment from a public defender’s career. Sad but accurate.

We hear the PC version of life according to those no longer actually inside that life.  Here is a person who dealt with crime from the position of a public defender.  Still hoping for a different outcome, this lawyer has … Continue reading

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The best question that needs to be asked in the Sydney hostage taking by an extremist Muslim. How in the hell was he loose?

Take everything and put it aside and realize the maxim  “Everything in life is connected” is true.  We can’t stop some nutjob taking hostages in the name of Islam.  We could dent it, but that would take us kicking PC … Continue reading

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So are we saying the “proof” isn’t? Crime labs get paid to convict. Why not judges and save us all the illusions?

For anyone inside the justice system, the whole thing is based on faith.  Faith that at least the facts are the facts and given a chance, you can defend yourself against the allegations. Anyone inside the civil part of the … Continue reading

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Is this the kind of act the “collective” will be implementing? The morning after pill for kids.

If so, count me out. The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that the contraceptive known as Plan B should be available without a prescription for all women 15 and older. The move is sure to stir controversy among social … Continue reading

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