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Modern Educayshun- a video that will leave you chilled

It is a satire and a dark spoof of what a college classroom must feel like today.   You’ll be impressed.    

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Ralph Peters explain in one paragraph why America is in trouble, and maybe doomed. Lack of history.

Look, you teach kids to be stupid, they will end up stupid.  You teach people a perverted sense of history- they will have no history.  And when you depend on them to make the right decision, and they don’t, it … Continue reading

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And now another “red guard” reminder from our Mao loving progressives. Teaching kids to rat on people.

It has nothing to do with guns.  It has to do with getting kids comfortable turning in their friends and family. That is ALL it is.  Why? Because every child doing anything any bureaucrat- no matter where in the nation- … Continue reading

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And suddenly the little leftie let’s the word “colllective” go, but holds onto the principle. They aren’t your kids.

Boy did she get in trouble for this! Even Bob Beckel as FOX’s “The Five” said he didn’t have a dump truck big enough to dig out from under it.  The word he thought used incorrectly here was “collective.”  Ya’ … Continue reading

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