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CDC and the federal employee who doesn’t actually work for a living. Jonathan Last pulls out “The Stand” reference.

I have a buddy who worked with the Secret Service for years, spent some time with JTTF and then retired when I did. Over the years he kept saying the feds were just not all that.  It is the weight … Continue reading

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The VA and the government’s inability to run healthcare.

Charles Krauthammer pointed out the reasons why government healthcare won’t work.  First it is driven by bureaucracy, not by patient needs.  Second, being a federal employee makes you lazy.   He pointed out one VA clinic’s entire staff saw less heart … Continue reading

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Understanding the lie of 7.1 million

This is really simple and a great opportunity once again to witness humans in a place and time where the government lies to them and they accept it en mass- like Japan, China, Russia and Germany. We laugh at “those … Continue reading

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Obamacare, lies and more lies. How can we trust anything they say is true?

I was not surprised, but I was disappointed when the administration- which has said repeatedly for months in Congressional testimony it cannot get statistics on how the system is working and how many signed up (which is a lie)– now … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart makes fun of Obamacare rollout. Important?

Sadly, yes. It seems that our younger generation actually think Jon Stewart reports the news and gets their opinion from him.  (I know, maddening, but what can you do with a generation that thinks PS3 reflects reality.) In fact, it … Continue reading

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Michelle’s reality moment. Her garden is going to waste- like her ideas. A illustration of when Liberal thought meets real world reality.

I would like to say I care.  I don’t, except for wanting to use this as a message to everyone who “believes” in the Liberal mantras.  Here is the story. Michelle wants you to be healthier so she encourages you … Continue reading

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Obamacare is a nightmare. In defense of Obama he didn’t read it either.

The real crime here is the fact nobody read the unworkable bill before it was passed by Congress.  The idea was to get it into law and then figure out how to get it to work later.  That is where … Continue reading

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Obama and the democrats go into 2013 with Obamcare starting its death march. This is going to get interesting and sadly lethal.

Still mad at John Roberts?  He put in play a monstrosity that cannot be linked to anyone other than Obama and his democrat friends. And as the real pain of Obamacare kicks in it will make the fictitious sequestration cuts … Continue reading

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