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A different kind of “class.” Obama and GWB Christmas gifts.

We all witnessed Obama’s self centered “I get mine” attitude.  Embarrassing and truly not surprising noting his personality flaws. I think he really rang the bell on this one, not because of its global importance, but quite the opposite, it … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle explains the liberal media’s changing of historical facts to fit a meme, and how they were wrong. GWB, Obama and the war on terror.

What I like best is the map Whittle shows explaining why we put our forces into Iraq and Afghanistan. I use the same explanation and you would be surprised just how many people flunked basic world geography. His point is … Continue reading

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Gateway links to a marine with no legs comforting amputees from the bombing. A man moment. Something GWB understands.

Deeds are greater than words.  I will link to Gateway for the examples. First one is Obama standing uncomfortably in front of GWB as he hugs and kisses a young army officer, now retired, who lost her leg in an … Continue reading

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