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Comey’s sword turned out to be rubber. He’s part of the problem, not the solution.

After the testimony today in front of a House committee, I’ve had several points I’d like to make; One, I was wrong. Or as Fonzie used to say in Happy days, I was wroo…I was wrooa…I was wrooo… Boy this … Continue reading

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Judicial Watch releases some of HRC’s emails. Some disturbing.

First off, there is a group that consider themselves elites.  In the emails you can see them talking to each other- not caring one wit about the deaths they caused, the lies they tell, and the damage they’ve done. Read … Continue reading

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When you get caught banging another woman, you lose your ability to tell the truth. The Petraeus rule.

Back then people were asking why David Petraeus was oddly silent over the Benghazi blow up.  Nobody really put two and two together.  Then affair came out and the admission Petraeus knew the administration (Holder on up) knew. So the … Continue reading

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