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ATF, BLM, The Hammonds and the rest of us. How the “squeeze” of uncertainty becomes oppressive

First rule of an oppressive socialist government- keep your people ignorant.  Don’t let them  say ” I remember a time when…” because the only reality should be the reality of the moment and that reality is created and managed by … Continue reading

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George Will’s off the rails immigration comment. The question is why.

I like George, but you have to understand he has made a living- a good one at that- wetting his finger and sticking it up to see which way the political winds are blowing.  A crime?  Naah, but he should … Continue reading

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A couple of things that make you believe big government cannot be trusted with anything sharp, just like a toddler.

First is the insane judicial decision by a judge in Ohio.  A man, who was a drunk, wandered off and disappeared.  He was a deadbeat who lost his job, had child support and didn’t want to go to jail.  Years … Continue reading

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At what point, again, do we say enough? The NSA has to admit it lied to everyone- for the good of everyone?

I actually support catching bad guys.  I support catching bad guys BEFORE they blow something up- like a long distance run.  BUT, the NSA has proven over and over its current process, which consists of collecting domestic data, not only … Continue reading

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The other IRS scandal from Scott Walter in the New York Post

Scott is a great guy. A straight shooter.  If he sees something, it is something to heed.  I’ve known Sebelius was soliciting, but what I didn’t know was she was asking big companies to give to her gal pal’s organization … Continue reading

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Ahh, come on Marco, how can you screw this up! Rubio gets tangled up in the process and falls down.

The Left and the Right let Rubio become the face of immigration reform. I think he’s sincere in trying to deal with a serious problem that won’t go away.  However, like the kid who got one good hit at his … Continue reading

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