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The feds are claiming they need help handling illegals, while sitting illegal hunters behind a desk. Agenda?

We know Obama isn’t serious. He claims it all the time, but then his ACTIONS always speak louder than his words. “Outraged” “Serious” “Something must be done.” Yada-yada. However, we know when it comes to immigration “reform” that the real … Continue reading

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Ahh, come on Marco, how can you screw this up! Rubio gets tangled up in the process and falls down.

The Left and the Right let Rubio become the face of immigration reform. I think he’s sincere in trying to deal with a serious problem that won’t go away.  However, like the kid who got one good hit at his … Continue reading

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Let the battle begin! Blacks realize the Hispanics are taking over!

If it weren’t so wrong it would be hilarious.  Wait, even wrong it is hilarious! _____ —Three members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights urged the Congressional Black Caucus to consider how the immigration proposal could cause black Americans … Continue reading

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