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Rut- Roh! The judge demands to see Brian Pagliano’s immunity deal.

I have to remember this trick. Run a civil case concurrent with a criminal case in the federal arena.  Find a good judge.  Then force all of them to follow the law.  The DOJ cut Pagliano a deal in return … Continue reading

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Lois Lerner and the “just say no” option to Congress. No immunity. Work around her and jam her up.

This is easy money.  Lerner has a long history of abuse towards conservative and religious organizations. She is that quintessential bureaucrat that loves the power and likes to use it to advance her personal agenda.   There are thousands of … Continue reading

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“A twenty thousand dollar attorney holding a sign that says ‘Immunity offers taken here.'” Holly Paz looks for a way out.

There was a mystery afoot in the IRS scandal. Holly Paz, the second in command under Lois Lerner (the “I did nothing wrong but I plead the fifth” gal), disappeared off the map after giving testimony to Congress about the … Continue reading

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