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Lois Lerner, DOJ and the FBI. No wonder nobody wants the truth!!

This whole deal has to start with the question “Which one of you is without corruption?” in which case, NOBODY is going to look to hard for the truth.  Much like Benghazi, my other new post, we see that there … Continue reading

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And it is legal because?? Police trick cellphones into thinking they are a celltower.

Surely someone has a complaint about this.  The argument is we send out data to the cell company thus making it third party and available to law enforcement, an argument that people like Rand Paul believe to be unconstitutional.  In … Continue reading

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FBI director doesn’t know who is in charge of the IRS investigation- or little else for that matter.

“Gosh Beav, you think he would at least carried in a note with a name?” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) didn’t hide his surprise during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday in which FBI Director Robert Mueller told the lawmaker he wasn’t aware of … Continue reading

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This I did not know. A number of cabinet positions departments have no Inspector General oversight!

Duh!  That might explain some of the outlandish behavior by the people inside those departments.  If there is no oversight, the mice will indeed play.  It is the nature of things.  What makes me wonder is why this is not … Continue reading

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James Comey. The potential head of the FBI who makes everybody a little nervous. Who is he?

Big government. Big government that uses its authority to push people around.  Big government that is infected with political correctness and led by a man with less than a stellar set of morals. And in comes Comey.  Why?  Is he … Continue reading

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Eric Holder, the shield law and the message to journalists “stop me before I do you wrong again.”

I give them credit. It is like watching an abusive spouse beating their partner while the entire time promising not to do it again if ONLY that partner would sign a piece of paper telling him to stop. Does anyone … Continue reading

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Asking the obvious. If Richard Nixon were the first black Democrat President, would there have been a Watergate?

It is the elephant in the room.  How much of a pass can “journalists” give a black President before they have to hand in their press cards and just join the other side?  Some already have, because their agenda matches … Continue reading

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James Clapper is reviewing intel failure. Talk about the fox investigating how he got into the hen house!

At some point somebody has to throw a flag and call bullshit! Asking Clapper to look into this is like asking what happened to a fox, with a mouthful of feathers, standing in the hen house!  “Gee, I don’t (cough, … Continue reading

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Conspiracy? No.Taking advantage of a crisis- sadly yes.

A guy I know started talking about the bombing as though it was staged or some other crazy crap. He was listening to the conspiracy theorists claiming all kinds of idiotic things. I warned him off of the direction.  Yet, … Continue reading

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Now that the FBI is sweeping up the cell, it is time to ask how they missed it.

It isn’t the agent’s fault.  Nor was it the agents or officers in the JTTF.  As I’ve said before you have to understand how things work inside the feds.  It is a very, very regulation, guideline, policy driven bureaucracy inhabited … Continue reading

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