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Obama wants to go to foreign nation to take citizens so to address the crisis he started. Nuts or brilliant?

I guess it depends on what the goal is.  If the goal is to bring Hispanics here to someday be voters and workers for the democrats, well maybe brilliant.  If it is to further “fundamentally change” America by shifting demographics … Continue reading

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A pair of brilliant men take on AGW, uh climate change, uh carbon tax bull.. Krauthammer and Freeman Dyson speak.

Global warming science is settled. Right? The trouble with that statement is that the real life got in the way.  However, Charles Krauthammer points out PC speech is in full swing and anyone who disagrees is called a heretic. Two … Continue reading

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Charles Krauthammer sides with big government, in a manner of speaking.

Charles spent a long time trying to explain to Jon Stewart how conservatives aren’t boogie-men, but people who believe government has a role AND a limitation.  Stewart is a flaming, intelligent, but flaming liberal who runs into the reality of … Continue reading

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