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Lois Lerner and the type of person who is drawn to government. Of course she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong.

If you want a peek into the mindset of your typical bureaucrat read the article at Politico. Not all government employees are bad people, but many turn into “bad people” because of the power unaccountable government jobs give them.  A … Continue reading

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Powerline and Bill Whittle explain what is happening.

“A bad man in a powerful position can do great harm. Not just for what he can do, but what others will be encouraged do in his name.” I said this back in 2008 when my partner and I were … Continue reading

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Sharyl Attkisson asks the correct questions about the IRS lost emails. Congress should just cut and paste.

I saw this yesterday and sent off texts to my law enforcement buddies with the note that this is EXACTLY how it is done.– The news came late in the day on Friday the 13th. According to the House Ways … Continue reading

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Lois Lerner and the “just say no” option to Congress. No immunity. Work around her and jam her up.

This is easy money.  Lerner has a long history of abuse towards conservative and religious organizations. She is that quintessential bureaucrat that loves the power and likes to use it to advance her personal agenda.   There are thousands of … Continue reading

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…”She could always find a violation”…. Lois Lerner, Angela Corey and the “I’m god” complex.

They aren’t bad guys in the traditional “Sopranos” sense.  But what they are is power corrupted.  They are in positions where they wield power and authority without any real accountability and that tends to make people of weak will grow … Continue reading

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National Review points out what some of missed. Lerner at the IRS may have released the story intentionally.

It was coming out. She knew it. So she had an “accidental” question asked so she could admit to the error AND EXPLAIN IT INNOCENTLY before the report came out.  Nice.  Very nice. Lie No. 1: Lois Lerner’s apology last … Continue reading

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The IRS scandal may bite Obama’s people in the rear. NOBODY wants to go to jail for their boss!

Why isn’t Holder asking for a special prosecutor for Benghazi?  Hell, the guy would end up arresting half the cabinet for lying to Congress for one!   Plus Benghazi is a case of bad policy, bad liberal ideology getting people killed.  … Continue reading

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