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From the liberal point of view. A friend’s mindset

I sent an email to a friend saying thanks for Barack. Here is the response. soooo, let me get this right,  white people can be unhappy with a President (Bush for instance, Carter is another one) … but because black … Continue reading

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Kristen Powers and why liberal women should not be in charge of anything.

It’s their good intentions overwhelming their intelligence and common sense.  Her new crusade is to convince us that we need to take in all the children coming from the poverty/corruption/lawlessness countries to our south. Why? Because she talked to some … Continue reading

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Gosnell. What does it say about us?

Some wonder why I keep swerving back into Gosnell’s trial.  I just find the total disregard for human life in this nation to be astounding.  It is a sign of a decay I don’t think we can escape from.  The … Continue reading

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And suddenly the little leftie let’s the word “colllective” go, but holds onto the principle. They aren’t your kids.

Boy did she get in trouble for this! Even Bob Beckel as FOX’s “The Five” said he didn’t have a dump truck big enough to dig out from under it.  The word he thought used incorrectly here was “collective.”  Ya’ … Continue reading

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What happens when you bad mouth a rich guy. He might just plunk down money to prove you an idiot.

Trust me, it is a dream of mine to get enough cash together to joust at windmills of corruption and complacency.  This guy has the cash and decided he had enough of the snubbing arrogant attitude of a university president.  … Continue reading

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