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The Parkland Shooting. What a difference a week makes.

CNN and it’s anti-gun fellow travelers worked hard to set up a scenario where guns rights would be impacted by spooked politicians (including Trump apparently).  Thankfully, a week later we are now seeing a different TRUTHFUL narrative come out.  It … Continue reading

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Well, that about does it. Brazile lied, then confessed and the rest of the Left is stuck.

Remember when all the liberals said Donna Brazile would never lie about helping HRC cheat in her run against Bernie?  Remember how upset and outraged Donna was at the idea, even though WikiLeaks had just released the hacked emails proving … Continue reading

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Wendy Davis and the “Me” womanhood motive.

Boy, am I familiar with this.  Wendy Davis is a woman bent on success (read power) and will do anything and anybody to get there. “It’s all about my survival, my needs, my world.” And the Left loves her and … Continue reading

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Oprah’s newest tale of racism. The clerks speaks out.

Apparently, Oprah has made claims of racism before- as she is a self made billionaire.  I know…I know…   She now says some clerk in Switzerland didn’t let her see an expensive bag because Oprah was black.  Now the clerk speaks … Continue reading

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Why does he continue to lie, even when caught? Obama and the Mexican gun running scam

Why? He will never be held accountable for his words or his deeds, neither by the people of America or his conscience- because he obviously lacks one. Humans will take the most direct path between what they want and the … Continue reading

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