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“If she doesn’t get charged, then forget ever charging anyone again.” From Intel community to the world.

And as we see more and more criminal, corrupt, greedy emails get released- and remember these are the ones they thought were okay!- we see a pattern emerge where it is obvious Hillary Clinton and gang believed they were above … Continue reading

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And now you send in the Marines. SEALS miss the target but create many more.

If this was on GWB’s watch the US Marines would be dropping in around that town and cutting it off.  Then they would sweep in and kill anyone who was holding a gun and didn’t look like them.  You HAVE … Continue reading

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Gateway links to a marine with no legs comforting amputees from the bombing. A man moment. Something GWB understands.

Deeds are greater than words.  I will link to Gateway for the examples. First one is Obama standing uncomfortably in front of GWB as he hugs and kisses a young army officer, now retired, who lost her leg in an … Continue reading

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