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The DNC/Russian/Fusion GPS set up. A real “Moose and Squirrel” moment.

Legal Insurrection has a good summation of the situation- as of yesterday!  Today, even more is coming out.  As it does, I am developing a theory about what is going on. Bottom line is this- Putin didn’t care who won.  … Continue reading

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Hillary set to talk to FBI, after they finally cornered her. So Bill steps in?

The meeting between Lynch and Bill was simply wrong.  Legally, morally, ethically wrong.  So that must mean a Clinton is somewhere close by.  The Clintons act like a black hole, sucking in the unsuspecting or the arrogant who think they … Continue reading

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Eric Holder, the shield law and the message to journalists “stop me before I do you wrong again.”

I give them credit. It is like watching an abusive spouse beating their partner while the entire time promising not to do it again if ONLY that partner would sign a piece of paper telling him to stop. Does anyone … Continue reading

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