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Let’s see. Journalist claims NSA snooping. NSA tells Congress no way without court order. Journalist going to expose lie?

It’s a dance.  The people are worried the NSA has gone too far. Greenwald claims he has proof that the NSA is doing “x”.  The Congress likes the NSA having the power.  Those in Congress, like Michelle Bachmann, listen to … Continue reading

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CNET reveals what common sense tells us. Analysts look at your stuff.

There cannot be any other way to do this.  Why? The inefficiency described by the NSA supporters fly in the face of the goal of the program. Think about this for a second.  Raw data is gathered.  The data is … Continue reading

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Now the NSA has a pardoy rap song. I gotta tap it.

You can’t make it up. When they do great rap parodies, it will get into the American conversation. If I were Mueller and Alexander and Clapper, I’d be working on better answers.        

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The rub between what Obama is saying and what the DOJ is trying to hide…again. FISA isn’t happy at all.

Nothing to see here, move along…. How many times can Obama and his supporters, like Julian Epstein (see video clip below for Neil’s meltdown), claim that?  Especially when even the most perfunctory review, that could even be accomplished by a … Continue reading

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Can I be paranoid now? Obama speaks about how there is nothing here to worry about.

I’m watching his press conference. Boy, you talk about trying to fly down a narrow beam! He wants to assure us this is all okay.  He denies the NSA is sweeping up domestic emails, only foreign emails.  My instincts tell … Continue reading

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