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PJ Media outlines the end result of Liberal ideas in the Middle East. Worth reading.

Richard Fernandez points out the obvious.  Liberals are a blight.  And now their collective bad ideas are coming home to put their way of life in danger. And they do not know how to stop it or stop themselves from … Continue reading

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Victor Davis Hanson sounds the trumpets announcing the end of our civilization. He’s right- we’re done.

Unless somehow we get passed all of this.  Remember in the past it is a few things going badly that can be handled, but sooner or later all civilizations find their tipping point and over they go. Had the Greeks … Continue reading

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You know it is over when they pull out this… 12 reason why Obama a great President.

Seriously, take away the guy’s “journalist” pass and send him back to the re-education camp he just graduated from! PJ Media does the heavy lifting on this. I just wanted to make sure more people saw it. If you are … Continue reading

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Scott Walter talks about China and it’s monsterous “planned parenthood” methods.

My friend sent me his latest work which was highlighted by the Huffington Post, talk about going over to the enemy!  However, the truth of the article cannot be ignored.  Who are we as a “collective” humanity?  Isn’t that the … Continue reading

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