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The cancer of Political Correctness and the rapes of children, approved by the British government.

You can’t make it up.  At some point, somebody has to get some gas, dump it on the former British Empire and light a match. The rotting corpse is starting to stink.  They have killed themselves with political correctness and … Continue reading

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A sign of dying relevance in a celebrity’s life

Nowadays, it is almost like clockwork. I can’t say it is valid or real or what, but I can identify the cycle. The celebrity, in their declining years of relevance (or in Oprah’s case to push a movie), come forward … Continue reading

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The broken justice system and the case of the returning burglar- now a rapist.

Over at the Atlantic, there is a wailing about how too many criminals are in American jails, and of course because of the war on drugs.  That’s not true, but really who cares anymore.  We’ve long ago given up on … Continue reading

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U.S. Navy sailor attacks her rapist. And kicks his Middle Eastern rear!

There are times when I just get tickled. This is one of them. Can you imagine what that bigoted, misogynist asswipe had to be thinking when he tried to rape one of our female sailors and had his knife taken … Continue reading

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